Ready to be a world-class trainer?
Introducing our Industry Ready Program.
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Ready to be a world-class trainer?
Introducing our Industry Ready Program
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industry ready

The reality is, many people stepping into fitness industry roles feel like their current education pathway leaves them underprepared and overwhelmed.

Our free Industry Ready Program is all about getting newly qualified Personal Trainers ready to step into the industry and enjoy a successful, long-lasting career.
Learn the 3 core skills that we believe any coach needs to be a successful
• Coaching People
• Coaching Exercise
• Managing a Business

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Coach People

Learn the importance of coaching people before the exercise.

Coach Exercises

Acquire information, introduce the right exercise, apply it at the right time, and coach it for the greatest return.

Business Management

Learn to manage your key assets like time, finances and key metrics, as well as developing business skills including sales, marketing and retention.


“Before attending IRP, I was working as a fitness instructor at F45 and moved to a mobile PT company. I was looking to start my personal training career in a gym but Covid-19 didn’t help. I wasn’t involved in the sales process with them and didn’t feel confident to be able to sell personal training to potential clients.

During my Cert III & IV, I had never been exposed to the business and sales aspect of it all. My knowledge was zero. I decided to enrol into the IRP program to improve my skills as a coach and mostly learn about the business and sales side of being a PT.”
“I was doing some research and found the IRP program. I enrolled because I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to get the information that wasn't provided to me in my studies and potentially to get my foot in the door. It was a more realistic view of entering the industry and gave me more hands-on knowledge around coaching and developing a business.

I really enjoyed the coaching component because it showed you practically how to perform exercises. Coaching was the part that was most valuable for me as I gained an understanding of different types of people and how to coach them, which was something that wasn't really a part of my former education. Now, I have a better understanding of where to start my career.”
“Before the IRP program, my previous training provided me with the skill set and knowledge to train a client, however it taught nothing of getting new clients, or building rapport with new clients whilst working with integrity. I really liked this course. It was far better than I expected. The standard of teaching was really good, every week I left with knowledge that I believe will help me to work my best as a Personal Trainer.

I really value what I learnt especially the workshop on Sales 101, where we were shown how to use social media to build awareness & generate leads. As well as the core components of running a fitness business. It allowed me the opportunity to grow and enabled me to become a successful Personal Trainer.


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