With the right education, Personal Trainers have the potential to be recognised as leaders of the preventative healthcare industry.
Exercise is preventative medicine. And fitness professionals have the ability to define someone’s relationship with exercise. An incredible coaching experience can set a person up for long-term success, helping them adopt a healthier lifestyle and change their life.

Through teaching a client to love exercise, and how to get the best results for their individual needs, a Personal Trainer is capable of preventing pain and illness. They're capable of reducing society's health burden, and the burden on reactive health professions. It's a profession proactively creating a healthier population.

Yet, currently, the standard of education only requires the completion of an online course to become qualified. This is doing aspiring coaches, as well as the greater population, a disservice – it doesn't equip fitness professionals with the skills they actually need to have the impact we know they can have.

We’re here to change that.


Coaching is a human-focused profession that's all about working face-to-face with people. That's why the way we teach, and what we teach, is people-centric. We focus on providing practical, face-to-face training so you can develop the human skills you need.


We want to give everyone the chance to do what they love. That's why we provide a range of both free and affordable paid courses, and a range of different payment plans, to help you develop your career in fitness. So you can get educated without breaking the bank.


Because Fitness Playground is a gym company, we've had the experience of delivering industry-relevant education to more than 500 industry-leading Personal Trainers, who've gone on to deliver 100,000+ PT sessions to clients. We know how to develop industry-relevant skills.


The first Fitness Playground gym opened, in Surry Hills, NSW. There was a huge focus on internal education and development of our fitness professionals from the start, with a dedicated L&D team.
Gaps in fitness education led to issues in us being able to recruit plenty of great coaches. So Fitness Playground began running education ourselves, delivering Australian Institute of Personal Trainers courses.
While gyms were shut during COVID-19 lockdowns, we had the chance to innovate and keep staff working by establishing Fitness Playground Academy, our very own education arm to deliver our own courses.
Fitness Playground Academy is in full swing. Our fitness professionals provide students with the practical skills they need to succeed, and many of our students even go on to be employed in our gyms.
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